Atlantic salmon river Sventoji


This is the first and only two handers event in Lithuania, and as far as we  know – in Baltic states. The host of this festival – Destinata Ltd. specializes in, as referred to be, eco-tourism, with highly expressed hint of an adventure. Their programs, first of all, attract hard-core travellers, would it be a passionate divers, trekkers or sporting anglers. More info you will find at: www.destinata.lt

The River

Event will be held on the one of the best salmon rivers in Lithuania – Sventoji. It is famous for its large fish and numerous runs during the autumn months. Salmon flyfishing in Lithuania is rather new sport, so there is still many issues to explore. Most of the fishing is done in the third of largest Lithuanian rivers – Sventoji. Although whole of the river is fishable, the most productive rapids and pools lies in its mid-lower stretches. Average weight of salmon cought here varies between 10-15 lbs., sea-trout – 5 lbs. 20-30 lbs. salmon are not uncommon either. And if You’ll be particularly lucky, you may even get engaged with leviathan weighing over 45 lbs. Scandinavian or skagit style doublehanders equipped with sinking shooting heads and tube flies are the most versatile tools for this kind of fishing. Because of its geographical location, salmon and seatrout has to cover longest distance from the sea to their spawning places – it is unique in European salmon waters.


The Lodge

We are gathering in the beautifull lodge that is located right on the river bank. You can almost swing your flies right from the doorstep.


October 8-10, Lithuania 2010

2Handers weekend - the first and largest two handers festival in Baltic states will take place at Sventoji river.

Want some thrill? Make a double grip!