2H weekend 2010 updated

September 7th, 2010 by vytautas

So, first of all thank you all for registering even not knowing the price for this event :D it will cost you ten thousand dollars :D
Just kidding – 2H weekend is not a commercial event, so it will cost you 58 EUR  for full three days – all included (except alcohol and fishing licences).

Along with the serious casting, tying workshops and gear reviews there will be some special DeadDrift workshops and of course tasty food (and beer), good atmosphere, lots of talks overnight – in two words – good time.

DeadDrift’s “How long is your schlong” competition

DeadDrift’s “What is better” gear workshop

and many more…

So if you want to join us, proceed to Registration page and  if have questions – ask us 2h@destinata.lt

Stay tuned for latest news!!!

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October 8-10, Lithuania 2010

2Handers weekend - the first and largest two handers festival in Baltic states will take place at Sventoji river.

Want some thrill? Make a double grip!